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It’s time to take a stand.

Our state-of-the art protocols and revolutionary regenerative medicine treatments excel at getting you back on your feet as fast and easy as possible.

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Get Back to Living the Life You Love.

Bayshore medical's knee renewal program

offers a highly effective systematic APPROACH to resolve your knee pain as fast, easy, and complete as possible.

Bayshore Medical is proud to have one of the most effective treatment protocols to date for those who suffer from chronic KNEE PAIN and DISCOMFORT.

Our proprietary Knee Renewal Program is designed to tackle underlying knee issues, then stabilize and rebuild your knee function and ability so that you can get BACK INTO ACTION doing the things you love WITHOUT PAIN as fast and easy as possible.

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Consultation and Blueprint built revealing how and why your knee is not functioning properly or not healing.

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Strategic planning in progress

Detailed and Personalized Action Plan designed to stabilize, rebuild and restore your knee joint & function.

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Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy

RPM KNEE "Signature Eight" - 8 knee-specific rebuilding & strengthening protocols.

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Prescription-grade knee brace for biomechanical alignment and retraining throughout your program.

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Knee examination.

Precise adjustments (knee, pelvis) to correct alignment and body weight distribution.

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Ultrasound treatment with gel applied on knee

Ultrasonic, focused energy treatments targeting the knee joint and supporting tissues.

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Customized Nutraceutical program to support healing and maximize results

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Vacutainer with a Platelet-Rich Plasma and Blood for PRP Treatme

(if qualified)

Enriched plasma to support your knee joint tissues and lubrication.

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Bayshore Medical's

prescribed 'at-home' rebuilding exercises (just 5 minutes at home each day)

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Embryonic stem cells

(if qualified) Utilizing the latest natural medicine to support your knee.

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Laser therapy. Physical therapy using a laser to treat an injured knee


therapies to help stimulate blood-flow and support tissue healing.

A complete program that's fully customized for you.

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Call today if you have questions or to see if you are eligible for the Bayshore Medical Group Knee Renewal Program: RPM KNEE




"...they transformed me into an "active senior" who is not afraid of going on a road trip out west! Grand Canyon and the 5 Utah canyons were amazing! 8-12 mile hikes, zip lining, and ATV's were a breeze ...I credit my quality of life to 'Bayshore Medical Group'"

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Retired State Employee and Grandmom of 4

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“I was able to avoid getting knee surgery and now I am able to even go up stairs pain free.”

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“It’s an amazing feeling to walk in in pain and walk out feeling pain free!!! Dr. Ryan and his staff are friendly, caring, professional, informative and very patient! I’ve had the privilege to be seen by all of the staff. Together they make an awesome team that aims to please during each and every visit. I walk out feeling taken care of. It doesn’t get much better than this! Thanks to ALL!!!!!”

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Deborah S

Office Execuiive Assistant

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knee renewal program


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Certain Federal program recipients and active legal claimants are ineligible according to law. Please call our office for details

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

Pain in or around the knee that may indicate a condition affecting the knee joint itself or the soft tissue around the knee. Serious problems may exist if you have symptoms such as swelling, joint stiffness, cracking joints, inability to bear weight on your knee (or it feels unstable), and/or the inability to fully extend or flex your knee.

What is the most common reason for knee pain?

According to the latest from John Hopkins Medicine, the most common causes of knee pain today are related to aging (osteoarthritis), injury/accident or repeated stress on the knee. Common knee problems include sprained or strained ligaments, cartilage tears, tendonitis and arthritis.

What does arthritis in the knee feel like?

With knee arthritis, the knee joint may become stiff and swollen, making it difficult to bend and straighten the knee. Pain and swelling may be worse in the morning, or after sitting or resting. Vigorous activity may cause pain to flare up and can also produce inflammation or swelling.

What is the newest treatment for knee pain?

People suffering with chronic knee pain now have a new, minimally-invasive, non-drug treatment option at Bayshore Medical Group. This proprietary treatment protocol can include a combination of proven modalities used to rejuvenate, strengthen and restore your knee function. Patients can and often experience improvement within the first few treatments.

How long until my knee pain goes away?

If you are a candidate for the Bayshore Medical Group KNEE RESCUE Program, every case is different, however most patients feel relief beginning after the first few treatments. After the first stage of your program, the majority of patients feel dramatic relief and have returned to regular activities, including stairs, walking/jogging,

How much does the knee rescue program cost?

If you are a candidate for this protocol, every case is different. Depending on the severity and type of joint issue, the cost is often between 1/6 to 1/3 the cost of knee replacement surgery. With no down time.